Never Again

I’m still waiting for my never again moment. I’ve always been one to give something / someone a second chance. Even if I’ve been to a restaurant and ate something kinda gross I’ll still go back and try something else. Maybe I just chose something “off” from the menu. Maybe if I try something else I can recommend the place. And even if I don’t like it the second time around I haven’t said “never again”.

Trying really hard to think if I’m missing a never again moment.

Not even with liking someone or doing something with someone do I believe I’ve said it. Speeding- I do it all the time. Oh! I know. I once got pulled over while driving solo on the carpool lane. I did say never again, but it lasted about a year or so. I was scared to get caught again. I didn’t want to deal with the courts again. I don’t like the police- I don’t like the system. I like to break laws sometimes and they’re not so fond of that.

I guess I just don’t like saying never again. Reason, nothing is certain. The unknown is wonderful and to say something like never again puts me in a place where I have eliminated a possibility of awesomeness.

It could be that never again is mostly said after something painful, frightening, or saddening has been experienced, but even that can open doors to something new. I can, however, instances where one might totally say never again, but I’ve never been there.


This post was in response to the Daily Prompt: Never Again .


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