Speaking Feminism

I’m not keen on labels or deeming someone “something”- but for the posts sake I consider myself a Feminist. A woman that is for the revolt against the oppression of others like her. A woman that is not only for equality with men, but for the abolition of classes and all points of exploitation.

When someone doesn’t understand feminism I try to explain it to them. I speak to them in a way that can make them think about redefining their definition and understanding of the struggle.

At the same time with certain people I freeze. I cannot speak Feminism. I don’t want to be that person they can’t say certain things around because they think I’ll start preaching. I don’t want to be labeled or considered a bitter woman. I’m not. I’m all for liberation and I’m also for education.

Then sometimes I come across people that agree with things like this:

femenismo selectivo

The headline reads Selective Feminism. The man is saying “I’m a man, I earn more.” as the woman is looking distastefully at him. The bubble below says, “Chauvinist pig. We want equality!” The second the man says, “I am the man, I’ll pay.” and the bubble below says, “What a gentleman!”

People with that mentality make me want to throw my arms in the air and give up…

Feminism doesn’t have to do with physical strength. Feminism doesn’t have to do with not being courteous. I can pay for my food, but if you insist on paying then OK. I can carry heavy objects, but if I’m struggling to carry something beyond my capacity I would hope that there is someone (male or female) that will offer to help me. The whole hold the door open thing too- I hold the door open for a man and a woman because I have manners. I don’t feel superior to anyone and if you feel that you have to treat me differently because I am a feminist then I feel sorry for you. Learn something about what Feminism is, re-think it, and get back to me.

I need more confidence in this part of who I am because inside I know it’s a pretty big part of me. I get a lot of insight and strength from other feminist I follow via Twitter and blogs, but I need to be surrounded physically by them. I want to carry Feminism proud.


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