Why Mindy Kaling is Becoming My Favorite Person

I finished reading Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) last week. The last page had her “About the Author” and it said she has a twitter. I took to my account and tweeted her.

She favorited my tweet!

Her book is hilarious. I found myself carrying the book with me because I wanted to make sure I told her story right to those I wanted to share it with. Her attitude about life in general is simple and ambitious at the same time. I like that she isn’t out there telling people how to live by her rules, rather she encourages girls and women to follow their own- and not give up.

She might not have said she’s feminist or has a feminist lifestyle, but she really assured my way of being. She talks about her obsession with dieting, her being seen as a role model (her advise to young girls is truly beautiful), and some guy talk. I wish she was my real life friend. She makes me want to go out there in this world and make things happen for myself. She’s truly a smart person.

Here’s why I really enjoyed her book:

-it gives me different insight to what i don’t see in characters she played on TV

-the background work of her success is inspiring

-it reminds me that they are human too

-as a woman of color it makes me proud that she’s made it- and that she’s planning on staying.

-she’s comedy writer. i would have never known.

-she’s not ashamed of who she is and she makes me want to continue to work on myself to reach that point.

-her childhood photos are adorable!

to be honest this post is not turning out how i thought writing this post was going to be like. i wanted it to be more thought provoking with greater analysis. What you got is what’s above.

Catch me watching The Mindy Project. See ya!


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