Slutty Halloween Girls

I was listening to Heidi and Frank this morning and one of their topics was what girls/women wear on Halloween night (or Halloween parties). Sammi, not sure what her role is in the show, but she’s a sideline favorite, was going “up North” to party with her friends dressed up as pin-up girls. The big deal was that she was going without her boyfriend and Frank wanted to know if her boyfriend had approved of her “costume”. Apparently she was going to wear those high-waisted shorts that allow her ass to hang out with a corset. I think Heidi was just being an instigator in this situation since all she was leaning on was that Sammi was going for the weekend to not be coming back the same day and be able to wash off the stink of the party (or anything else *wink wink*).

OK! Here it goes! I don’t care what other women wear on Halloween. This saying has been going on for quite some time: Normal girls dress as sluts and slutty girls dress as super sluts. I really don’t care for either girl- to each their own. What bothers me is the blaming that people do on women who choose to dress in this manner. I know that if I had the body I would totally choose a sexy costume. Not because it’s what “girls do” but because it’s just one night out of the year that I would feel carefree- wherever that stems from. 

Sammi was asked why was she not going with her boyfriend? WHO CARES? (he had to work and she was invited by her friends so she chose to go- in case you wanted to know).

Someone, Heidi or Frank, made the comment that men should tell their women to cover up or deal with men being all over her the whole night. Well, first of all, be a man and accept that you have a hot girlfriend. Be confident enough that your girlfriend will say she’s with the guy dressed as the Hulk down at the bar. Be proud that both you and your girlfriend are comfortable being carefree together.

No one truly belongs to another person. Each person is their own agent. A friend once posted on his FB timeline: (modified since I cannot remember verbatim) If you leave the house wearing those tights and tight shirt and then ask me if you look OK I’m not going to answer. YOU looked at yourself in the mirror, liked what YOU saw, walked out of YOUR house… it doesn’t matter what I think.

I think that’s true. But like Heidi said, don’t tell me something is not flattering when I can’t do anything about it. Tell me before we leave the house or when I’m telling you what I’m thinking of wearing.


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