What Am I Writing?

There’s been an itch in me that keeps reminding me that I have this blog and that i should write. Sometimes throughout the day I come up with a topic and say that I’ll dedicate a post to it, that hasn’t happened. There is inspiration all around me- daily happenings, Twitter hashtags, Facebook posts, blogs, themed sites, Life. But I don’t feel these ideas are substantial, I don’t feel as if I have enough background to formulate opinions that matter. Should that even matter? I mean, I should just write, right?

I have a Twitter account- you can find me and follow me here: @MonaDePorcelana. I love this social media outlet. I have found that I can tailor it more to my liking and follow people that have similar interests and people that have something interesting and powerful to say. Based on my “following” list I flock to people that dedicate their time/lives to calling out the bullshit of this society. I have found a niche, and in this private space a group of powerful, intellectual, no-bullshit women (who some call themselves feminists or womanist) live in an attempt to end negative perpetuations of race, class, and gender. I enjoy their tweets; I have familiarized myself with their twitter handles and topics of main interest. I like when they change their avis and update their bios. I don’t wish I was them, but I do want to see myself graze the light they walk in.

Aside from these women I looked for profiles that could possibly relate to me being a Latina/Hispanic/Chicana Feminist and I found some, but I wish they were more vocal. I wish I was more vocal. But I don’t feel l have the experiences, the full knowledge to be powerful, impactful. Should that matter? I should just tweet whatever comes to mind. I just don’t want to seem naive. I wish I was more out there- in the front lines of activism, of creating awareness.

Over time I’ve realized that calling Me a Feminist makes people shutter sometimes. I’m not sure when I started calling myself a Feminist, but the ideals of Feminism have always been things I sided with so I found a home in this online community. When I get a chance I speak out and call out the idiocy people around me speak. It’s not easy, but it’s a start.

As I write I’m coming to a solid conclusion that I should not be afraid to write/tweet/post whatever I want. What am I afraid of? Retribution? Perhaps. But of whom? Those that know who I am. I want to be free to write about everything Feminist. That encompasses gender, class, race, and sexual inequalities and liberations.One thing I learned from these women is that I must be ready to defend myself. Be ready to block people. Be ready to want to just give up.

Hmmm… I guess this post ended up about … eh, you decide.


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