Stepping Up

Good morning!

Today I’ve decided to exercise my brain. Yea, it’s been a while since I sat in front of the keyboard feeling entitled enough to put my thoughts into writing and share them with you. Perhaps this post is the beginning of creating some sort of accountability, which I have attempted in the past, to something I want to start doing.

Mona, what do you want to start doing? N

I want to start writing. Yup. Just to write. I don’t believe I have ever said the following to anyone, but I’ve always envisioned writing a book. The possibility of that happening? Highly unlikely. Well, that’s a start.

A book about what?

I don’t know. A book about me? You know, ’cause I’m a millennial and I believe I should because I can. No, really I don’t know what I would write it about. One of the first books I read as a pre-teen/teen was a first person fictional account of a girl in middle school. The details? I don’t have them. But, I remember beginning to narrate my life. Sometimes I would walk and think of the introduction to the book, to different chapters, to particular situations. I can’t be the only one.

So what now, Mona?

I’ll just start writing here. Writing about me and my thoughts and shit that happens to me, around me… I have no structure and I don’t have any real knowledge of what it takes to write a book, but what I do know is that the best books are those that are written from the heart. I will hold no barred – I’ll put in writing what comes, how it comes and that’ll be that.

  1. Happy writing.

Yup. I wrote the above. Now I just have to come up with a system to make notes throughout my day so that I won’t forget my thoughts. I do always have my phone with me- maybe I’ll record ideas, or write down words that’ll refresh my memory. I should have a consistent time of day to write – I should have a place to write. So much!


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