Finding Something I Thought I’d Lost

Months ago I went book shopping at Barnes & Noble. On that trip I believe I walked out with five books. Exciting! One of those books was Jim Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat. After I finished a couple of the books on my list I wanted to read that one. Thing was, I couldn’t find it.

I moved books on my shelves, moved furniture, checked bags, and drawers. Nothing! My search yielded nothing but frustration. I plopped on my chair and surrendered to another book. The void was there and this new book, because it wasn’t meant to be read at that moment, felt bitter.

Months later and house cleaning dedication I found it! I had hung my laptop bag on the hooks of the laundry room door and finally got tired of seeing it there. Having the closet to my second bedroom organized I thought: I have the perfect spot for you. Before I stored it I looked inside. And there it was. Dad is Fat, just chillin’ inside the bag. I took it out, leafed it, smelled it, and smiled. All. Is. Right.

Now I can’t wait to finish reading the book I’m on to get to it. Book better be worth it!


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