Books I Need to Pre-Order

In no particular order here is a list of books I’m looking forward to reading. They are due to come out this year and I hope all is on schedule with the authors and book publishers.

1. Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance An Investigation – Aziz is a favorite of mine. Ever since I saw his first special Initimate Moments for a Sensual Evening and his latest Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden he’s been a continious comic in my life. And his awesomeness that was Tom on Parks and Rec? He won me over. When he put out that he was having a Reddit AMA I immediately jumped to it. I participated in questions that I could and well, I hope it was worth it. I mean, of course it had to be… he has a release date (June 16th). I need to pre-order!

2. Greg Propps’ The Smartest Book In the World¬†– The Proops! I’ve been listening to his podcast (The Smartest Man in the World) and proudly own a podcast T-shirt, just so people know a man such as he exists. He’s on my list of comics to see and I need to make it happen. His release date is May 5th and I would prefer a hard-cover or paperback so that when I do see him he can sign his smart signature on the jacket. He has a date in Portland, OR and I hope¬†I have it by that date.

3.¬† Christopher Ryan’s sophomore book ____. I tried looking for the title of¬†his upcoming¬†book and release information, but I may have missed it? I know he’s not completed the book,¬†so¬† he better stay on schedule for this year. Since I don’t have a link to the book information, here his website. I’ve read his first book, Sex at Dawn and it had such an impact on my life. It allowed me to accept myself in a way I never thought possible and it also gave me a different way of looking at the world. I’m an avid listener of “Tangentially Speaking”, his podcast and I recommend it to anyone and everyone that will listen to me. I need to get his Civilized to Death T-shirt ASAP!

These next two are not really pre-order status, but more on the why-haven’t-I-bought-them-already list.

1. Feminista Jones’ Push the Button¬†– I began following Feminista Jones on twitter for over a year… maybe over two. She’s someone I have learned a lot from and truly an insipirational woman. This book has been heralded as a must read among circles of Feminism and people new or part of the BDSM Lifestyle. I don’t know much about the plot, only what Twitter has told me via conversations that appear on my TL. I’m not much to whine about spoilers,¬†but this is one I have not searched but don’t mind the bits that come through.

2. Daniel Jose Older’s Half-Resurrection Blues – Again,¬†I came across this author through Twitter. All. Hail. Twitter! He’s a writer, editor and composer and such a great person to have on my TL. I have learned so much through him as well. Never read this type of book (Urban Fantasy), but neither have a lot of the people talking about it; seems he has a legit fan-base to have picked this book up just because he wrote it. I’m here to support AOC (authors of color) <- is that a term? It’s a series that just began in January and well, I have to get to it- I might really enjoy it and want to continue it.

Hmmm.. the above got me thinking. I’ve only read two series’ in my life: The Hunger Games and (admitting with shame) Fifty Shades of Gray. Last year I read Olivia Cole’s Panther In The Hive and can’t wait for the second book! C’mon, girl!¬†Dystopian Lit is here to stay, or has it been a thing for a while? I guess I never really thought about how much¬†I liked the few books I’ve read in that¬†genre, but it can stay.

What’s on your list?


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