Doing Crazy Things While Half Asleep and Naked

Living on my own has given me complete freedom and comfortability within my home. I love walking around my house in just my underwear and bra, or short and bra, or shirt and underwear. The best is being able to walk around completely nekkid. The only worry I have is just making sure the blinds are closed. I like on the second floor, so sometimes I don’t even have that reservation.

I like reading while nekkid, cooking while nekkid with my apron on (think what you want, I’m the only one eating the food), watching TV while nekkid (are you annoyed that I’m writing “nekkid” instead of naked?). Bottom line, being naked is awesome. It’s given me the opportunity to love myself (which has been a slow and constant process) and to accept my body.

OK, now to the reason of my post. Last night I went to sleep … guess how? NEKKID! I had clean sheets and had showered and was feeling super fresh. In the middle of the night, maybe around 3am I woke up to pee. I did my business. However, instead of going back to bed I walked my naked ass over to my kitchen and grabbed a handful of yogurt covered almonds. I ate a couple as I walked back to my room and another as I lay back in my bed. All of this with my eyes closed. Because I was technically in sleep I didn’t finish the almonds I had. I carefully placed the leftover snack items next to me on my bed.

This morning I woke up normally. But as i was feeling myself and body in all its naked glory I felt something on my stomach. I threw the covers off and guess what? A solo almond was there just staring at me with it’s little almond eyes. I look down at the sheets and they had melted yogurt all over. I look at my belly and I have a blotch of yogurt here, and there, and what,  there too? You can assume why that was, I suppose: during my night moves (did Bob Seger come to mind?) that damned almond rolled under me and the rest is history.


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