My Love for Jessie Ware

I first heard “Wildest Moments” circa 2012 while browsing music on YouTube. I fell in trance instantly. Just listen to the soothing and melodic tone of Jessie Ware. I went on iTunes and bought her album. No regrets. She recently had another album release and I’ve now come believe she can’t fail.

At first listens I took the song as her talking to someone about how there might be some crazy shit happening in their relationship, but hey, they’re happy and they always pull through the bullshit. After a while, the song wasn’t resonating in that way anymore. I was now seeing a bigger picture. She’s not talking to someone, she’s talking to LOVE. Go, play the song again and imagine love being on the other side of the conversation. (ok, obvio que la cancion puede ser lo que queramos, so… entiendete tu).

You ever have the one artist that takes you back to a certain time in your life and just allows you to forget “the now”? That’s Jessie Ware for me. The song could not have come at a more perfect time.

At the time I heard Devotion I was going through some pretty intense feelings. Yes, it involves a guy. My mind and heart were going at it pretty badly. The album allowed me to feel and accept the roller coaster feels. Should I stay? Should I just bear the temporary tears of moving on and know that I’ll be OK in the end? I decided to stay because who says “No To Love”? And to be honest, it wasn’t that I felt strong mutual feelings from the guy, but I didn’t want to deny my love i.e. not accept that although this might not last, it’s what’s happening now and I just want to be happy. It serves to know that this guy is now the BF. *insert super smiley emoji*

Listen to “Sweet Talk”. Like, c’mon. How can you not lose yourself in the vibes of this song? Listening to it now takes me back to believing I can walk away from the BF (not BF back then). The start of our relationship is less than ideal, but I mean he had that sweet talk. He had the kisses and he kept me up and going.

Now in her album Tough Love… where do I begin? Here is “You and I (forever)”

This is the song used to confess to your boo that he (or she) is the one. The one you see growing old with and share everything with. Call me a hopeless romantic, whatever. I can imagine being on a long drive with the windows down and the sunset creeping in and looking over at Bae and saying, how ’bout it? You and I, forever?

And “Want Your Feeling”? Le sigh. What a heartbreaking song to such a chill ass fucken beat. Here… take it all in.

The love that never was. That love you couldn’t control and make it love you back. Lord knows I can relate to that feeling. If that asshole only saw your worth he could have had it all, right? All I wanted was for him to love me as much as I did. I want his feelings to be about me, for me! Damnit, Jessie! *insert crying emoji*

If you can, if you will, indulge in the essence of Jessie Ware.

Oh, and before I conclude… my sister was jamming out to Nicki Minaj in her car recently and I heard this voice… this entrancing and transcending vocalist and I grabbed the iPod to see if I was right to believe it was my girl Jessie. It was! I hope she gets the recognition she deserves. Here check it out.

And she’s on the Fifty Shades soundtrack too, so I’m sure she’s getting some great exposure. I like the soundtrack way more than the film, which I caved into watching cause the sister paid for my ticket.

Enjoy the music, readers.



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