Té de hierbabuena

In other words – spearmint tea.

Growing up I spent most of my summers and weekends with my grandma. I don’t call her abuela, or abuelita, or mamá. I call her Nina; we all call her Nina.

I’ve always had a weak stomach and problems with my breathing (I was later diagnosed with asthma). She always knew what to give me. She would give me aceite de oliva, rubbed my tummy, and had me drink teas- in particular te de hierbabuena. I can honestly say that my love for tea grew from her. Even today when I tell her I’m not feeling well she tells me: tómate un tecito.

It had been a long time since I’ve had fresh tea. Most of the tea I drink now is loose leaf (dried), or from tea bags. I hadn’t really thought of the differences until the other night.

I bought a whole bunch of limes and lemons and some fresh mint leaves to make cleansing water in efforts to kick-start my way back into eating healthy and regain focus on my fitness. That night, after preparing my water I couldn’t sleep. I thought, I’ll have a tea. As I was putting the water in the pot I remembered the mint leaves I had and decided for the fresh route.

I placed the mint leaves in the hot water in my cup and the moment the aroma reached my nose I transported to my childhood. I couldn’t believe the sense of nostalgia that took over me. And once I took the first sip, I smiled and closed my eyes. I saw myself sitting with my Nina outside and enjoying the cup of tea, talking about her birds and plants, and the plans for the day. The taste of the mint and the warmness of the cup filled me joy.

Everything about that moment was beautiful.

I have been wanting to start an herb garden and I think it’s what I will start next weekend. I’m going to give her a call and get her Herb Garden 101 tips.


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