Is It Just Me? By Miranda Hart – Book Review 

This book took me longer than expected. I’ve  had it on my wish list for quite some time and during a flight back home I bought it on Google’s Play Books. I can’t recall what attracted me in the first place but here I am doing a review.

I had no idea Miranda Hart was British and once I did I couldn’t read without my version of an English accent. That was kind of frustrating. An 18 year old version of herself comes into the book and they have conversations about the topic at hand and after the third time this occurred I decided I didn’t like it.  That’s what took me so long- I couldn’t take the structure seriously. But I shouldn’t have – she’s a comedian. I think I knew that about her but it passed me by until the end of the book. 

So, what’s this book about? Hmmm… Hart writes about her childhood, adolescence, friendships, work life, dreams, holidays (vacations), family, and marriage amongst other things. Remember, there are episodes in which her younger self pops in and she explains the unreal urgency in wanting to be an adult. So, Little M is told by Hart that everything turns out OK and that what she worries about in her teens is no longer a worry when she’s in her late twenties and early thirties. 

Hart has a way of extending her writing in this long-winded style that only led to my annoyance. It’s a reflection on me, I guarantee you that, because I looked her up and she’s dearly loved. I also found out she has a show and to give her the benefit of my doubt I watched the first two episodes; it’s cleverly titled “Miranda”. I will admit that I laughed out loud a few times during those two episodes, but it’s just not my style. Maybe if I knew of her show first I wouldn’t have read her book. Eek, that sounds harsh. She’s the perpetually clumsy, socially awkward, tall girl. I guess I’ve seen too many variations of the same bit. 

I didn’t dislike the entire book so I’ll tell you what I did like. I enjoyed reading the chapter “Dreams” and the one about being single and loving it. I’m not sure if the topic of kids and marriage was tied in with the chapter on being single and loving it, so if it wasn’t I liked those parts too. It makes me happy when people find complete happiness in being who they are- riding solo or with a partner. Hart explains that not having kids is alright because her friends and family give her plenty of children and she can always return them. Being alone is not as bad as it seems and I can attest to that. She scoffs at the pressures of society and tells Little M that when the time comes it’ll be just right. She confesses her adolescent ambitions and breaks it to Little M that it doesn’t turn out that way. Kinda telling all of us not to take life too seriously. Oh, comedians!

That part in her “Dreams” chapter where she wrote about not losing that inner child was my favorite. I like being silly and laughing and making people laugh. I also like jumping in bouncy castles and playing water balloon fights so I related to that part. 

On GoodReads I gave it three stars, but maybe two would have been a better fit?


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