Top 10 On My Playlist

I thought I would go with a fun and simple post today. Here is a list of some of my most played songs, all within the top 20. I wanted to make it top 10, but there were repeat artists and songs from the same album so I decided to go a bit further down the list. I fear my music list will seem outdated or very random, but what’s the beauty of music if it doesn’t transcend time? I’m not an outdated person, or so I like to believe, but I am random. I didn’t have my iPod for over a month – not like it will make a difference – but due to that fact I’ve been on YouTube more often at work and play whole albums or just let the auto-play do its thing.

fav song

#10 I admit there are way better songs that could have made it to my top 10 if Luis Mi was a given, which he is, but this is my most played. What am I supposed to do about it? It makes me laugh only because the beat of this song is so 80s/90s. The lyrics are on point, tho.. “si no supiste amar, ahora te puedes marchar… contigo yo perdi/ ya tengo con quien ganar / ya se que no hubo nadie que te diera lo que yo te di … por eso comprendo que estas aqui”. Like, you didn’t appreciate me, fool. Now be gone! Leave. Here is “ahora te puedes marchar” by one of my all-time male Latin Pop artists, Luis Miguel

#9 Jazmine Sullivan. Oh, this girl! I first heard “Bust Your Windows” and fell in love with her style, voice, and fierceness of the song. Well, I got her album and “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” quickly became a top song for me. Accepting something you know you deserve but past experiences make you believe otherwise? That’s this song right here. Just let yourself be loved, Jazmine.

#8 This song is fucken old, but I played it so much when I first came across it that now every time it plays I let it. Trey Songz has such a beautiful voice. The songs speaks for itself. “Can’t Be Friends” y’all. You just can’t.

#7 This song, “dimelo” by Intocable is timeless. Mendigo, be real with me… me quieres? si no, vete! For real! This is the song that conversation that has been a long time coming in a one-way relationship. When you’ve come to your breaking point and tell yourself: this idiot isn’t the real idiot here, it’s me for knowing he doesn’t feel the same and I’m here prolonging the inevitable. But I still need to hear it- from him. So… dimelo.

#6 Really, based on what you’ve read so far you thought I’d leave out “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac?  I may tend to be overly dramatic when it comes to feels on relationships, but this one is universal. It’s one of those songs that after you break up you want the fool that you left to know that you’re playing it over and over and hope that it sinks in that he was only dreaming when he thought he could be without you. Right? Yea… right!

#5 Emile Sande has such smooth vocals (which can be questionable in the couple of live videos I’ve watched) but this song – by far my favorite and well, it’s the only album I own hers (Our Version of Events). “My Kind Of Love” is not what my kind of love is, but it’s such a different perspective of what I know. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m that stupid, yet sustained love. I like to show my love physically and verbally. So here it is…

#4 OK.. so as I searched for the YouTube link I saw as a search option Fool For You Ceelo Green. I was like… pero que? Well I clicked on it and I’m like HOLY TARDS.. this is from Lady Killer, which I have and damn… I can’t believe I didn’t realize it! I fucken love that song. But, I think it’s a testament to Alice Smith. She kills the song. That passion, whoo! I mean I listen to the song and I just nod along and feel it deep within me. That crazy love you have for your babe, it’s there- in this song. Here you go, Alice Smith – Fool For You.

#3 Pepe Aguilar has always been a huge favorite of mine. As of the last few years I have come to appreciate more of his banda and the style he has that mirrors his late father Antonio Aguilar. But this song… takes me back to when I was in High School and was heart broken over some stupid guy. *deep sigh*. I didn’t know many fans of his that were my age, but here it is.. .”ya para que”

#2 This last album is different than their last, but that’s the point of an artist. They evolve and as a fan you grown with them. From Proaño I give you “de paso”. La letra… “quizas no este de mas por un segundo mirar atras/ ya veras lo que has vivido/ lo que has sufrido / y veras (vida)/ como me has cambiado (vida)/ madre quedate a mi lado/ para siempre”. This song takes you places. The vibe, the chill, the energy… it’s all there in this song. Espero y les guste.

#1 This has become my favorite band as of the last, idk… five years? I found them randomly as I listened to music from Zoe and the like. The song Enemigo caught my attention and I searched for them. They’re from my mom’s home town Fresnillo, Zacatecas so they got a bonus. This is their latest single release from Proaño and damn… his voice captures me and takes me. The lyrics … “terminamos uno con el otro/para volver a empezar … un carino por diez despedidas … eres la prision y la salida/por esta razon deberia dejarte/pero es la razon para quedarme/ aqui” It’s that song you can’t help but repeat when you’re in that bullshit ass relationship that you know is toxic, but you can’t break away.

I hope you enjoyed!


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