Feeling Joy

It may just be me reading way too much into the last serious conversation I had with the BF a few days ago, but I’ve been tense, anxious, and trepidatious in our interactions following it. I tell you, those feelings are definitely heightened by long distance. But today… All those feelings went away.

It was getting late into the night and I thought he might just decide not to G-chat so I just conceded and kept reading. Minutes later my Google Hangout ringtone played and I was instantly happy.

We caught up on the mundane- not on a whole lot since we had briefly spoken earlier. And then something funny and beautiful happened. He made a funny face and I told him he looked like a frog. He said I looked like a toad. If you don’t know Frog and Toad I feel bad for you.You see, we have a running joke on Frog and Toad and how we’re total fatties (see image below). Anyway, we laughed like a pair of silly kids. I asked if he knew the difference between a frog and a toad and before he could answer I said I’d take to Google. We researched the difference- well, I did, the difference between a frog and a toad. We laughed even more.


As I read the word “Antarctica” out loud and stumbled on the pronunciation we went into another moment of hysterical laughter. We went back and forth making sure we were pronouncing it correctly and it was all hilarious to us. Remembering how much I correct his pronunciation he randomly says “picksa” and I automatically reply, “No. It’s peetsa”. For about 10 minutes we laughed at his pronunciation of this word. We went Mike Tyson with it, we went Italian accent with it, and even questioned how to pronounce it in Spanish. I tell you, it was all a very frenzied 15 minutes.

Then I told him about a funny part on Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance, my current read. I read him a piece of a chapter I found particularly interesting. Shortly after he said he was tired and wanted to go to bed. I asked if I could read to him just until the chapter finished and that if I heard him snore I’ll hang up. He said he doesn’t snore. (oookay).

I finished the chapter I had already started… all 30+ pages and after I was done I creepily stared at him for a bit before I hung up.

He looks so cute while he sleeps. I wished him a goodnight that I’m sure he didn’t hear and ended the hangout.


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