Super Moon 

A few months ago I missed the blood moon and I was pretty bummed about it. I had read online that another one was scheduled but I didn’t set a reminder so I almost missed it last night. In speaking to the BF to confirm our Fear The Walking Dead G-chat date I remembered. He also happened to mention the super moon and said he might go out on a late night hike to catch an unobstructed view of the moon. I knew he wouldn’t, he’s not that cool,  but I thought of how EYE would get a glimpse of it instead of listening to his plan.

After we hung up I went on Google to search the times for the best peak. I was right on the money if I wanted to see it within the next hour. I looked outside and my dumbass couldn’t spot it so I decided to go out and drive to look for it. Later after getting home I realized that it was right outside my window. The drive was much better, though.

I’m getting a little more familiar with back roads and mountain areas where I live so I headed out with confidence. I drove and curved around the hills and steadily headed to the top of the mountain. I was speaking to the moon asking it to make itself seen, which in retrospect is silly since it was a lunar eclipse. Anyway, I was in a clear area and as I turn left to see above there she was. I almost wanted to stop right there were I was to admire it. I finally found a spot to pull over and I found myself in complete awe.

The night was silent and I was away from the city so the night sky was extra dark making the red of the moon that much more vivid. I stayed there staring at it wanting to be able to reach my hand out to touch it. I wanted to be with the BF at this exact moment because I know he would appreciate this beautiful piece of natural … I don’t even know what to call it. But, alas I was on my own. In its own way it’s equally amazing to be able to sit in silence thinking of the grandeur of the universe.

I drove back and kept an eye on her. When I got home and realized she had been outside my window I laughed at myself and at her. I was fooled. I take complete fault for not looking closer in my initial search for her. I left the blinds open and throughout the hour I saw her make herself seen again in all her moon glory. I know there are better pictures out there of her but here she is.


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